Happiness And Greatness

Sabtu, 09 November 2013

healthy family at holidays

The holidays are often time of excess for the whole family . Especially in the table, is difĂ­cl find that balance between eating healthy and enjoy the cuisine of parties.

At holidays the family will not stop eating and drinking . Sweet , heavy meals , shortbread , candies ... then many parents we are charged with remorse if we skipped the diet. Equally kids want to eat everything, and often feel bad because they are not used to eating certain foods . The key to a healthy diet plan meals holidays is typical without abandoning the nutritional health habits .

At home, on the table

If at home we schedule the days of heavy meals and days of regular menu , we will save the buy " through the eyes " and end up eating more than necessary or throwing food . We will also help the pocket to make a menu for the family in that we compensate excesses and we add foods that aid digestion : yogurt , vegetables , tea , sprouts, digestive , fruit ...

In this sense , it is good that at home holding descentralicemos meals: not only celebrate holidays at the table, but also doing other activities. For example at home with the kids riding the tree, the crib , doing crafts , holidays games , holidays story reading ... or away from home : at holidays markets , holidays playgrounds ....

The diet of children

Children are at risk at this time of year get indigestion , poisoning , indigestion ... because your body is more sensitive to heavy meals . Parents should plan a menu for their age . We should not ban sweets and chocolates , but do not be a substitute for the nutrients they need .